What Is The Crown On A Tree?

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So What Is The Crown Part Of A Tree?

The tree crown is located at the top of the tree. The branches grow out from the main trunk, supporting the leaves used for photosynthesis. All trees feature a crown, however there a variety of different trees that offer different crown types.

The crown is an incredibly important part of a tree, helping to filter out dust and particles from the air. As well as this, the crown also helps to cool the air by providing additional shade. This reduces raindrops from impacting the soil below.

Did You Know There Are 4 Different Types Of Tree Crown?

It’s true! All trees feature a crown; however, there are different crown types that accommodate certain tree types. Dominant tree crowns reach over all other plants and trees. This type of crown attracts more direct sunlight than any other type of crown. This is due to the branches and leaves being pushed both upwards and outwards.

Codominant tree crowns share direct sunlight with other trees. They appear slightly smaller in size than that of a dominant crown and only receives the sunlight on the tips of the upper branches. This prevents the trees from reaching their full potential.

Intermediate tree crowns are the last type of tree that receives any direct sunlight This type of crown grows as tall as the lower ceiling of the canopy; lower than codominant trees. It also appears shorter and quite often displays leaves with a reduced surface area.

Last but not least, we have overtopped trees that develop a smaller crown. They often appear more fuller on one side of the tree, and survive best where indirect sunlight is present. Leaves are sparse and present a short stature.

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What Does Raising The Crown Of A Tree Mean?

Crown raising, also known as crown lifting involves the removal of lower branches of a tree. A tree crown lifting service will not alter the appearance of the tree, helping you to retain your gardens character and preserve the wildlife and nature that surrounds the tree.

Whether the tree is causing an obstruction, or you simply want to direct more sunlight towards your property, the crown of a tree can be raised to improve your Northampton home.

Other Services We Offer

As well as our crown raising service, we also offer crown reduction and crown thinning.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning refers to the removal of smaller and tertiary branches of the tree. This is usually carried out on the outer part of the crown, helping to space out the structure of the branches evenly. The overall shape and size of the tree won’t be compromised and will help more sunlight to pass through.

Crown Reduction

If your tree crown is getting too big for its surroundings, then a crown reduction is ideal. This involves lessening the weight of the tree; scaling down both the height and spread. This reduces stress and helps the tree to maintain its health and appearance for longer.

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