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Our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to tree surgery and tools involved, guaranteeing high quality throughout.



Any service you choose will be carried out by accredited workmen, who have been assessed and tested for their competency.



Once the job has been completed, we will ensure to leave it clean and tidy. This ensures you enjoy a service that completely satisfies.



We have worked on a wide range of tree species and ages. We’ll be able to tailor your service to what is best for your tree.


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We offer free no obligation quotations at competitive prices ensuring you receive best service possible.


Fully Insured

All of our tree surgery services are fully insured, guaranteeing you peace of mind that all work will be carried out professionally.

Tree Removal

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Tree Felling

Tree felling is required when a tree has become too large for its location or is a safety concern due to storm damage, disease or other issues that prove detrimental to the tree’s state. If appropriate, we will always consider all other options before felling a tree. We offer a tree felling service that is prompt, safe and effective. We’ll utilise our expertise to ensure the tree is removed with as little disruption to your daily life as possible, working in full compliance with all health and safety standards as we do so.

Our team will cut the tree down in a safe and controlled manner determining the direction of travel using felling wedges, ropes and winches where possible. This will ensure the tree lands exactly where it needs to. The tree will usually be cut to as near to ground level as is possible without causing damage to our equipment.

Tree Dismantling

Tree Dismantling

Our tree dismantling service is used when it is not possible to fell the tree. By removing the tree in carefully cut sections, we can greatly reduce the risk of any damage and ensure safety is achieved all round. Our team of experts have been highly trained to ensure the tree is dismantled methodically, efficiently and safely.

We will assess the situation before carrying out the work to ensure all potential hazards have been identified. We will use a rigging system compromising of ropes, pulleys, karabiners and slings which will allow us to lower sections of the tree to a specified area on the ground. Our tree dismantling service allows us to offer increased flexibility, as it can be applied in more awkward spaces where a tree has become hazardous.


Deadwood Removal

We offer a high quality deadwood removal service that will eliminate the possibility of any falling debris, ensuring surrounding areas are kept safe. We work with precision and efficiency to ensure we do not remove more than is needed, allowing your tree to maintain its health.

Our team of experts will be able to assess the tree and ensure we remove all deadwood professionally and reliably. We are also very conscious of accommodating wildlife, with certain situations requiring us to leave some natural deadwood tissue to maintain habitats.

Why Does Deadwood Need to be Removed?

Although a natural process, deadwood can have detrimental effects on your tree. As wood decays, it becomes brittle and is much more likely to snap off in adverse weather. Overall, this can pose a safety risk to passers-by and surrounding properties.

Removing deadwood also keeps your tree healthy, with snapped ends capturing water and proving to be the ideal place for fungus and organisms that will decay the tree. Therefore, removing deadwood ensures the lifespan of your tree is maximised.

Tree Trimming and Tree Cutting

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Crown Reductions

We offer a crown reduction service for trees that are getting to big for their surroundings. Reductions involve working with the existing shape of the tree and removing branches all the way around to essentially make the tree a smaller version of what it was. We work with precision to ensure the health of your tree is maintained, with the fundamental framework and leaf bearing structure being kept intact. This ensures the tree remains balanced after the process is complete.

Crown Reduction and Tree Health

Crown reductions reduce the overall weight and stress across the tree’s structure. This is achieved by reducing both the height and the spread of the crown, resulting in a lighter load for the tree to hold. This also reduces wind resistance, allowing high winds to pass through the tree’s framework instead of applying pressure. This can lower the risk of branches breaking and potentially becoming a hazard to people and property. Reductions can also help if a tree is “dying back” as once reduced the tree can gain a new lease of life and be encouraged to put out new growth.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a great way to tidy the crown and let more light through the tree, without changing the overall shape or size. During a crown clean, dead wood, dying and crossing branches are also removed. Not only does crown thinning contribute to the overall wellbeing of the tree, it also has aesthetic benefits. We can thin the crown of your tree neatly and effectively, ensuring the tree upholds a uniform appearance.

Professional Service

Our team of accredited experts specialise in thinning the crown of your tree neatly and effectively, ensuring the tree upholds a uniform appearance. We’ll fully assess your tree before lifting the crown, as some trees may suffer from the service.

Cost-effective and efficient, our crown thinning service will offer minimal disruption to your daily life whilst offering a highly competitive price. We strive to make the whole process as easy as possible, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without the chores.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting

Our crown lifting service targets the lower branches of the crown, allowing more light to pass through the underside of the tree. This is ideal for clearing any branches that overhang your drive, public footpaths or any other area that is in constant use.

We will not change the overall size or shape of the tree, allowing it to maintain its current aesthetic. This service specialises in increasing the amount of natural light passing through the tree, whilst offering practicality throughout.

The Importance of Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is essential to maintaining the health of the tree and ensuring the safety of any passers-by, if the tree overhangs a footpath.  We understand that crown lifting requires meticulous attention to detail if it is to be effective, which is why you can rely on us to do it right.

Crown lifting will also allow us to properly assess the state of your tree, meaning we can offer any of our other services should they be required. We are a reliable and trustworthy company, who will only offer an honest service to help you get the best price.

More Services

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Hedge Cutting

We also offer a high quality hedge cutting service making sure that hedges are cut back as much as possible to provide as much space as possible whilst leaving a uniform shape. When trimming conifers in particular, it is important to leave enough of the green foliage so the tree can continue to grow. Unlike broadleaf trees, conifers (with the exception of Yew’s) will not regenerate if they are cut back past the green foliage and into the brown wood. We will ensure the balance is met allowing you to enjoy tidy, healthy hedges for many years.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

We like to plant trees as well as cutting them down! We offer a tree planting service and can discuss with you appropriate species for the location you have in mind. We also donate to the woodland trust every month to ensure support for tree planting on a large scale.

Waste Management

All waste material produced can be removed from site if required. Branch wood is chipped and taken to be used by people at various allotments or can be left on site to be spread on borders, used to keep weeds down or be kept and used as a mulch a bit further down the line.

Tree Service Prices

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