An Affordable Crown Thinning Service For Customers In Northamptonshire

Have you been looking for an affordable and high-quality crown thinning service in the Northamptonshire area? Tom Francis Tree Services specialises in tree topping and much more, which means that you can choose us to restore your tree to its original condition – and even improve its aesthetics.

If you’re not sure why a crown thinning service is necessary, we’ll be happy to explain the advantages to you in more detail. It the canopy of your tree has become too dense, it will be letting in less light, which could make the rooms in your Northamptonshire darker and less pleasant to spend time in.

Of course, a tidier tree presents a better and more uniform appearance to passers-by and anyone who comes to visit you. Our crown reduction service will have a positive effect on the market value of your home, while making your garden a more pleasant time to spend time in or look at.

Accredited And Fully Insured Crown Thinning Experts

We specialise in all aspects of tree surgery, not just crown thinning. Whichever of our services you require, rest assured that our experienced teams are fully insured to complete the work required and are covered in the event of the unexpected happening.

To demonstrate our commitment to providing the best service to our Northamptonshire customers, we have attained accreditations with The Woodland Trust and NPTC. Everyone who works for us will have a relevant and up-to-date City and Guilds qualification.

To find out more about crown thinning, call Tom Francis Tree Services directly on 01604-376-125 or 07974-779-958. Would you prefer us to call you back? Email with further details of your request and we will call you back as a matter of urgency.

The Benefits Of Crown Thinning

When we thin the crown of your tree, we won’t be making drastic changes to its shape of size. The aim will always be to preserve its character, while removing unwanted elements, such as deadwood and crossing or dying branches that will be causing an obstruction to light.

Crown thinning will also improve the look of your tree, which will look more symmetrical and present a tidier appearance to the outside world. Using specialist equipment, experienced members of our team will complete all work required to the highest standard – but not before conducting a thorough assessment of the tree to ensure crown thinning is the best approach.

Once we have completed thinning the crown of your tree, you’ll benefit from a tidy and well-presented garden area that will be ideal for relaxing or entertaining in – and look stunning, even when all of your doors and windows are closed during the colder autumn and winter months. Contact Tom Francis Tree Services to book a free assessment today.

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Crown Thinning: FAQs

Is Crown Thinning Suitable For My Tree?

Crown thinning isn’t always the best option. That’s why we complete a careful assessment of the tree first, so that we can gauge which of our services is most suitable. Before commencing any work at your Northamptonshire home, we’ll confirm that you’re happy to proceed – and will agree a cost with you at the same time.

How Long Does Crown Thinning Take?

We understand that you have other things to do. Our aim will be to complete all work as quickly as possible, but without compromising on the quality of our crown thinning service. Once we have had a look at the tree – or trees – in question, we’ll be able to give you a realistic time estimate. We can come back to complete the work at a time that best suits you.

Do You Have Any Testimonials That I Can Read?

We want you to choose us as your local crown thinning specialist in Northamptonshire, knowing that we have a strong local reputation. Please visit our Testimonials page to read reviews left by the many happy customers that have used Tom Francis Tree Services and benefitted from the results of our service.

How Much Does Crown Thinning Cost?

The cost of crown thinning will naturally vary, as it will depend on the size of the tree – or trees – involved and any additional factors. That’s why we will assess the area first and provide a quote before commencing work.

Will You Tidy Up After You’ve Finished?

We will keep the area we’re working on safe and clear away – and dispose of – any debris created as the direct result of our work. We can even convert your tree waste into wood chippings and send them to local allotments.

Crown Thinning Prices, Northamptonshire and Surrounding Areas

If you need crown reduction tree surgery, call Tom Francis Tree Services directly on 01604-376-125 or 07974-779-958. You can also ask us a question, request an appointment or get a quote by emailing

Did You Know?

At Tom Francis Tree Services you can benefit from an array or services that will benefit your home and your garden space. Not only can we provide crown thinning, but we also offer crown reductions and crown lifting.

If you think you would benefit from one of these services, then please get in touch with our team today and we can provide you with all the information you require. You can call us on 01604 376 125 or fill in our online form.

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with a world class service and high quality procedure.