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Tom Francis Tree Services is an established and well-respected company that works with customers in Northamptonshire and the local areas. If you are looking for a reliable tree felling specialist with a strong local reputation, we have the testimonials, experience and accreditations needed to allow you to book an appointment with us – safe in the knowledge that our team will complete all work safely at your home.

Whether you need a tree felling service in the Northamptonshire area – or need help in a different area altogether – you’ll be pleased to hear that we hold a number of recognised accreditations. For example, we are members of the Woodland Trust, hold all relevant City & Guilds certifications and belong to the NPTC. Our teams are highly experienced and qualified and will work quickly and efficiently.

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What Does A Tree Felling Service Involve?

If you typed ‘tree felling’ into your search engine, you may have done so because you want to find out what this service entails. If you have a tree in your front or back garden that has become unsafe – due to its age, disease or because of weather damage – you’ll need an expert to assess its condition and recommend the best course of action.

Tree felling isn’t always required. Sometimes a different option is available that precludes the need to take down the tree – and, rest assured, that we’ll do everything we can to explore an alternative course of action. If we decide that your tree is unsafe, we’ll recommend felling it, so as to avoid risk of damage or personal injury to you or a family member.

Alternative services that we provide are tree dismantling and tree trimming. Explore these additional options while visiting our site, then contact us for advice.

The Tree Felling Process

What does tree felling involve? As mentioned, we will conduct an assessment to determine if the tree needs to be felled; it it does, we’ll work out out the safest and most efficient way of conducting the exercise – while complying in full with existing health and safety standards for your protection and peace of mind.


When you choose us as your tree felling company in Northamptonshire, rest assured that we will complete all work quickly and efficiently – but without compromising on safety or quality. There will be only minimal impact on your daily routine, so you’ll be able to resume your normal domestic activities sooner rather than later.

When our team arrives at your home, they will determine which way the tree will travel when felled. A range of specialist equipment will be used to ensure the process runs smoothly. For example, we’ll use ropes, winches and felling wedges (wherever practical). However, we do not carry out stump grinding or removal.

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Tree Felling: FAQs

Does My Tree Need To Be Felled?

A tree felling service isn’t always required. That’s why we will conduct an assessment prior to commencing work. For example, the crown of your tree may need thinning because it has become too large. We understand that a tree adds character to a home and will always look at alternative options before making a recommendation.


Will You Dispose Of Any Debris?

We will dispose of any debris created as a direct result of our tree felling service, so you won’t need to take additional time out of your day.  Our aim is to minimise disruption by taking ownership of the entire task – leaving you to resume normal activities again.


How Much Does Tree Felling Cost?

We will need to conduct an assessment before quoting for any work. The price will depend on a range of factors, but we will agree a price with you before proceeding. We can, of course, provide some guideline costs by phone or email. Ask for more information by calling 01604-376-125 or email,

Tree Felling Prices, Northamptonshire and Surrounding Areas

To find out more about our tree felling service, to arrange an appointment or request a free quote, call Tom Francis Tree Services today on 01604-376-125 or 07974-779-958. You can also request a callback by sending an email to, in which case we’ll respond as a matter of urgency

Did You Know?

The team at Tom Francis Tree Services are here to help you with all your tree project needs. We not only offer tree felling but you can also benefit from some of our other incredible services including crown thinning, tree dismantling and waste management.

If you would like to find out more about our services and what they entail, then please contact our friendly team today. We can provide you with all the information you need and help you find the perfect service for your project. You can call us on 01604 376 125 or fill in our online form.

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait for you to meet our team and see the wonderful work they carry out.