Is Your Tree Getting Too Big For Its Surroundings? If It Is, You Need Our Crown Reductions Service

Tom Francis Tree Services offers a crown reductions service to its customers in the Northamptonshire area. If a tree is getting too big for its surroundings, it can create a range of problems. For example, the branches will be at greater risk of breaking and could fall – causing damage to your property or physical injury to a person.

When we visit you at your home in Northamptonshire, we will complete an assessment. This will help us to determine whether a crown reduction service is needed. If it isn’t, then we will use our knowledge and experience to come up with an alternative recommendation. Should we proceed, we’ll preserve the appearance of your tree.

Tom Francis Tree Services Is Fully Accredited and Insured

Whether you need our crown reduction service, or want us to fell or dismantle a tree, you can instruct us to carry out the work needed with peace of mind. We are accredited with The Woodland Trust and NPTC, and every tree surgeon who works for us will hold an appropriate and up-to-date City and Guilds qualification.

For more information about our crown reductions service – or to discuss any other help that you need – call Tom Francis Tree Services today on 01604-376-125 or 07974-779-958. Customers can also send details of their enquiry to, in which case a member of our team will respond as a matter of high priority.

Reducing Tree Height: Why It’s Important

Our crown reduction service involves lessening the weight of a tree to create less stress. To achieve this, we need to scale the tree down – both in terms of its height and how its crown is spread. This means that the tree has less of a load to bear and makes it less wind resistance, which means it’ll be less likely to fail when exposed to extreme weather.

A range of issues could be caused if you don’t use a crown reduction service. If your tree is overcrowding your home, it could create too much shade or prevent light from reaching neighbouring properties. The additional stress placed on the branches of your tree could cause them to snap and fall – creating an unwanted hazard.

Our crown reduction service will restore your tree to its original health. We will work carefully to reduce it to a scaled down version of its original form that will no longer pose a risk to your home, the people who live in it and anyone who might pass by. Your tree will still enhance the character of your Northamptonshire home, due to our precise approach.

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Crown Reduction Tree Surgery And More

We have the expertise to offer a wide range of services. In addition to crown reduction, we can remove deadwood that might otherwise lead to a tree becoming diseased – meaning it would need to be cut down. In the event that a tree needs to removed, we can either fell it or dismantle it in sections that are then lowered to the ground using specialist equipment.

Crown Reductions: FAQs

Will A Crown Reduction Affect The Appearance Of My Tree?

A crown reduction won’t adversely affect the appearance of your tree. The process will involve scaling your tree back, but the structural integrity and leaf bearing structure will be left in tact – meaning the character of your home and garden in Northamptonshire will be preserved.

How Long Does A Crown Reduction Take?

A crown reduction will vary in terms of length. We will complete an assessment first, so that we can recommend a course of action, confirm that you are happy with a cost and agree a timescale. The length of time it takes to reduce the crown of your tree will depend on its size and position – and whether there are others trees that need attending to.

Is Tom Francis Tree Services Insured To Crown My Trees?

Although our team of tree surgeons are fully qualified and experienced, rest assured that we are comprehensively insured to complete any work at your home in Northamptonshire, so you can deal with us with peace of mind.

How Will I Know If My Tree Needs To Be Height-Reduced?

We will be able to tell very quickly whether a crown reduction is needed. If it isn’t required, we are able to offer a range of other services that will address the problem. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Crown Reductions Prices, Northamptonshire and Surrounding Areas

Start a conversation with our friendly and experienced team by calling 01604-376-125 or 07974-779-958. We can also call you. Email with your request and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Did You Know?

You may think that removing your tree is the only option available but have you considered other options such as thinning or tree reduction? Not only do we offer crown reductions at Tom Francis Tree Services, but a range of other high quality tree services that will help to preserve and protect your garden trees.

For more information on all the incredible services we have to offer, please get in touch with our expert team today. You can fill in our online form today for a free consultation. You can also give us a call on 01604 376 125 if you have any other questions.

We are made up of an expert team that are here to provide you with an outstanding service from start to finish.