Tree Dismantling in Northampton


Safety Conscious

A safe technique carried out with precision and expertise. We always keep health and safety as the number one priority with every project we undertake.


Effective Removal

Remove a tree to make way for new developments. We can remove unwanted or dangerous trees to clear a space that you require.


Flexible Service

We can offer a flexible service that works around you. We always make sure we clean up after we’ve completed our work.


Skilled Experts

We have a wealth of knowledge in the industry so you can trust us to complete a job to your satisfaction.


Tree Felling in Northampton

Tree Felling in Northampton

Tree Dismantling With Tom Francis Tree Services

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to tree dismantling services in Northampton and the surrounding areas. At Tom Francis Tree Services, we understand the importance of removing dangerously large or damaged trees. We’re always keen to find an easy and straight forward solution.

All of our tree surgeons are highly skilled and operate to the highest standards of professionalism during the entire process. Every tree dismantling project that we undertake is done so with the utmost safety every time. We provide a flexible and efficient tree dismantling service to all of our customers in Northampton.

Our tree surgeons are highly trained in a number of aspects of caring for trees. They are able to diagnose disease, offer advice on the best course of treatment, and help you to achieve maximum growth and health from your trees.

We will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process to make sure you’re aware of how the tree dismantling is going. We take your specific requirements into consideration.

What is Tree Dismantling in Northampton?

We dismantle trees when it is not possible to fell the tree. By removing it carefully in sections, we can reduce the risk of any damage and ensure the utmost safety. Our team of experts have been highly trained to ensure the tree is dismantled methodically, efficiently and safely.

We assess the situation before carrying out any work to ensure all potential hazards have been identified. We will use a rigging system comprising of ropes, pulleys, karabiners and slings which allow us to lower sections of the tree to a specified area on the ground.

You can get support with the maintenance and conservation of your existing trees, as well as the planting of new trees. At Tom Francis Tree Services, we are all fully qualified tree surgeons, with City & Guilds in Forestry and Arboriculture.

Our tree dismantling service allows us to offer increased flexibility as it can be applied in particularly awkward spaces where a tree has become hazardous to the surroundings.

Experts in Tree Dismantling in Northampton

In 2003, Tom Francis Tree Services begun to offer a state-of-the-art tree dismantling service along with other services such as felling and deadwood removal. With a team of experienced professionals, we have been eliminating dangerous or damaged trees with minimal disruption and exceptional service. We are proudly accredited by NPTC and Woodland Trust, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality service.

We will assess the tree and discuss your requirements and needs before dismantling the tree in a safe and effective way. Once the tree dismantling is complete, we always tidy away any mess or debris before we leave. You’ll be glad you chose Tom Francis Tree Services for your tree surgeon needs.

Being a fully accredited tree Services Company in Northampton means that you can trust us to offer an outstanding level of work, ensuring that we do the best job possible. Read our testimonials to see happy customers!

The Benefits of Tree Dismantling in Northampton

Our tree dismantling service in Northampton allows you to benefit from extra space by removing unwanted or dangerous trees. We treat health and safety as the number one priority to make sure there is no damage or unnecessary hazards. We lean on the expertise of our qualified professionals to make sure the tree is dismantled with minimal disruption to your day to day life as possible.

At Tom Francis Tree Services, we always work in full compliance with all health and safety standards by default. You can be sure you’re investing in a service that will be carried out efficiently and swiftly. Our services are cost-effective, offering competitive pricing that is based on your exact needs and specifications.

We want you to be confident that you are getting high quality workmanship combined with great value for money, so we will visit you to talk through your requirements, before providing you with a fantastic, no obligation quote.

Tom Francis Tree Services

Tom Francis Tree Services

Get in touch with us today to enjoy competitively priced, tree surgeon services across Northampton and the surrounding areas.

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