Guidelines Surrounding Bird Nesting Season

The bird nesting season traditionally runs from February to August. Around this time, we check for inhabitants before carrying out any work

As a tree service company, it is our duty to make sure that local wildlife is protected. Their habitats should remain intact. However, we also understand you may be in need of tree surgery. We can still carry out many of our services without having to disrupt bird nesting as well as other animals.

As tree surgeons, we are under strict guidelines to ensure the preservation of wildlife. This includes The Wildlife and Countryside Act, The Countryside and Rights of Way act, The Habitat Regulations, Environmental Protection Act, Pollution Prevention and Control Act as well as the Protection of Badgers Act. This is to make sure that we don’t harm any creatures on the job and also prevents our customers as well as us from getting into trouble with the government.


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How Do We Check For Birds' Nests?

Before any tree surgery, we will always check for animals that may be living there. Bird nesting season is between the dates of February to August. However, this is only a guideline. To be thorough, we will always try to make sure that no animal will be harmed when undertaking tree surgery. This is just a simple visual check carried out by our team to ensure there are no birds nesting in your tree.

What Happens If We Finds Birds Nesting?

Unfortunately, if we find birds nesting, we cannot do anymore further work until all the animals have completely left the area. This is because both the company and the homeowner can face up to £5000 in fines and even up to two years in prison. We also don’t want to disturb the birds nesting in their natural processes.

We ask our customers to understand that we must be fully compliant with the law. This means we will have to wait to make sure that our actions harm no animals.If no birds are found nesting, we can carry out work as usual. There is no need to worry about waiting.

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Are There Any Exceptions During Bird Nesting Season?

If the circumstances prove to be too risky to health and safety, we will be able to take action on the tree or hedge regardless of bird nesting. This would mean that an authorised person will be allowed to fell a tree. This is only in the case that said tree poses a great risk to health and safety. You will have to acquire a licence from the Department For Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or DEFRA if there is a protected species of bird that lives in the hazardous tree.
Many people believe that not every bird is protected by these rules. However, this is not true. Even if you have crows, magpies and even pigeons present, if they are nesting or roosting, they will be protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This is something you should be aware of if we happen to discover such birds nesting in your trees or hedges.
It is important that you understand all the rules that come with tree surgery and bird nesting season. We must comply with all the government guidelines; otherwise, we could face legal repercussions.

A Bird Nesting Season Thank You

We here at Tom Francis Tree Services would like to take the time to thank you during bird nesting season. We understand that it may be disappointing to find out that we can’t carry out your work. However, it is important to us that we protect all wildlife when carrying out our work.
It is also important to us that our customers are happy. This can be a difficult and trying time during bird nesting season. We do recognise your patience and would like to extend an apology if we have to postpone your tree surgery.

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Tree Services Prices, Northamptonshire and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking for a team of highly trained and skilled tree surgeons, Tom Francis Tree Services is the company for you. We will carry out thorough checks to ensure that there is no bird nesting or other animals living within your trees and hedges before we carry out work.

If you would like to find out any more information about birds nesting and what we do, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us. We are ready and waiting to answer all your questions to put your mind at ease.

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