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Our Tree Surgery

Our trained and experienced tree surgeons conduct all work in a professional and safe manner.


Qualified and Insured

Our tree surgeons are completely insured, and all work is carried out to the highest standards of excellence.


Professional Approach

Professionalism is very important to us, as is respect, so when we conduct a job, we ensure the site is left clean and tidy.


Experienced and Trustworthy

Our tree surgeons have experience in working with all types of trees and wood conditions.


Tree Surgeon Services Northampton

Tom Francis Tree Service offers a completely unique catalogue of products, from tree surgery to hedge work, to tree felling and deadwood removal. We offer a highly flexible tree surgeon service in order to secure complete satisfaction.

We offer a careful tree dismantling service. Minimising risk and ensuring that all tree dismantling is carried out in a safe and controlled environment. Where possible, we will always do our utmost to save a tree as opposed to removing the whole thing.

There’s also our basic tree surgeon services such as trimming and cutting, which includes reductions at the crown, thinning of the crown, and crown lifting. All of our services are carried out promptly and efficiently.

Our team will reduce your tree from its original state in a controlled manner. Leaving the tree to continue to grow, forming with a natural shape. When removing a tree completely, we always calculate where it will fall.

Professional Tree Surgeon, Northampton

Tree felling is a form of tree surgery we offer, which is used when trees are too large for their location, or safety is a serious concern due to weather damage for example. We offer a prompt tree felling service.

We work in compliance with health and safety standards to ensure service is prompt, safe, and efficient. Trees are ambushed as near to ground level as possible to rectify this statement.

Our deadwood removal service eliminates the potential for falling debris, maintaining safe areas under and around the tree. This means that you won’t have to worry about any wood falling from above.

If you are interested in working with us as your local tree surgeon, please get in touch with us today. We offer a friendly but professional service, and competitive tree surgery prices.

Expert Tree Surgeon

We provide expertise in all fields of tree surgery, providing landowners with an affordable, professional service that is highly-approachable. You won’t have to settle for anything less.

Tom Francis Tree Services offers all forms of tree surgery with its vast experience and knowledge of the profession, providing an advanced, high-quality service throughout.

We have built at outstanding rapport with customers in our local serving community, helping the area prosper with beautiful trees, providing new uses and safer areas for you to enjoy.

You can access the testimonials of our customers on our website, paying tribute to the advanced tree surgery that our trained workers have done. We have a large number of happy customers who have benefitted from our services.

Enhances Performance

Our tree surgery shall provide better performance from your trees, allowing you to use space for a more effective purpose. With tree maintenance, your trees can achieve a cleaner aesthetic.

We ensure that when tree surgery is carried out, such as crown reductions, that it does not alter the balance, as this could prove extremely costly. We are highly-skilled and qualified professionals.

Crown reduction will prevent trees that are ‘dying back’ as reducing it will provide a fresher lease of life, encouraging new growth. Crown lifting on the other hand helps increase the light that passes through a tree, by clearing away branches.

Crown thinning is a cost-effective, reliable service to reduce the amount of deadwood and dying cross branches. You’ll benefit from longer performance, saving you money when they become difficult to maintain.

Tom Francis Tree Services

Tom Francis Tree Services

Get in touch with us today to enjoy competitively priced, tree surgeon services across Northampton and the surrounding areas.

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