Do I Need A Tree Survey For My Property?

  • 29 February 2024
tree survey - tree that has snapped

Generally, trees are incredibly safe. However, it is essential that you regularly get your trees surveyed by a professional to ensure that they are not at risk. Defective trees can cause health and safety issues, so regular checks from a tree surgeon or tree professional are the best option for ensuring your property’s safety. Trees that are not safe can also cause potential issues for wildlife, whose natural habitat may be compromised.

If you need a tree survey for any potential hazards with your trees, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for more information and a quote. We are on hand to assist with all of your tree needs.

tom francis carrying our tree maintenance after a tree survey

What is the risk of unsafe trees?

The chances of an individual being injured or killed by a falling tree are unlikely. In fact, you would be more likely to risk your life in a car than by being in the area when a tree falls. Although trees are generally safe, it is vital to get them checked and surveyed often, as trees are still living and growing organisms, so they are susceptible to losing branches.

In order for a tree to be deemed unsafe or a hazard, there has to be a target that it could harm, such as people or property. This is the reason why tree surveys are so important, as the trees around your property may cause significant damage to yourself or your property should they be left with potential hazards.

What types of surveys are there?

There are three types of tree surveys that we carry out to ensure that your trees do not pose a potential hazard to yourself and others.

Tree Survey/Inspection

A general tree survey can be carried out individually or as part of a long term protection plan. Tree surveys and inspections record observations and measurements of the trees to keep a detailed record and monitor any changes in your trees over time.

During a tree survey, we identify the size and age of the tree, helping to understand how we can assist in keeping your trees healthy. We then carry out an entire tree health analysis, looking at any pests or diseases that the tree may have, as well as any signs of decay and weakness that may cause issues in the future. If any concerns arise during the initial inspection, we can also carry out aerial inspections to check the status of the top of the tree. We also then explore any potential threats to the tree within the area, such as nearby buildings, roads and humans. Finally, we provide a full report with any recommendations we have for your trees, such as tree pruning, relocation or removal of stressors on the tree such as footpaths, improving drainage or entire removal of the tree if necessary.

Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment provides insight into any issues your trees may have, from biological defects to mechanical problems, so they can acted upon and solved accordingly.

Decay Detection

Decay can occur for a wide range of reasons. The main issue with decay is that it can compromise the structure of the tree, causing the tree to break down and eventually reach failure. We can test the integrity of the tree using a Resistograph, which drills into the tree truck and provides a sample, which can indicate the integrity of the wood. We can also offer a Sonic Tomograph, which builds an image using soundwaves that may indicate any decay that is appearing on the inside of the tree, which we cannot see from the outside.

If you need a tree survey for the trees on your property, contact our team for a more information.

tree survey

Do I need a tree survey?

Personal Homes

Tree surveys are essential for homeowners as unsafe trees can cause threats to your property and yourself. You can gain vital insight from a tree survey that can assist in ensuring that you continue to care for the trees within your property correctly.

It is also important to keep the wildlife in your tree safe, as if the tree is unsafe or has pests or diseases, you may lose not just the tree but also the wildlife, whereby that tree is their natural habitat.


For businesses, unsafe trees can have a significant impact on the health and safety of the site, invalidating insurance and causing a threat to public safety. Due to this, it is vital that regular checks are carried out on your trees to ensure they do not cause harm to individuals or property.

As a business, you have a duty of care for the community around your local area, and by ensuring your trees are safe and not likely to pose any unwanted harm to passersby or visitors to your business.

If your trees are unsafe and cause public members any form of harm, you may be found liable if you have not had your trees surveyed. Get in touch with our team for more information on the tree survey options we offer and which would be best for your business.

Tree surveys for planning and construction permission

Tree surveys are an essential element of planning and constructing, as they can inform the decision-making process of property development. As our tree surveys are conducted by professionals, you can be sure that any issues we foresee for your property development and the trees within your property will be reported upon, and suggestions will be offered.

We can also offer protective measures for the trees within the property development, ensuring that you have informed insights on maintenance or removal or to be sure that your development does not pose a risk to the safety of the trees.

If you need a tree survey or inspection, any tree maintenance or more information on the services we offer, get in touch with our team of experts. We are happy to answer any questions or queries you have about the trees on your properties and provide a quote for any services needed.