Case Study: Crown Lift in Moulton

Moulton Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting Project in Moulton

Our client in Moulton was looking to improve the look of their land, without dramatically changing the landscape. You can see from the photos, the borders were very overgrown with trees and shrubs.

The goal was to create more light, yet keep the canopy and trees, thus not changing too much of how the landscape looks.

Our team went along and carried out a full assessment. This allowed us to determine which of our services was the best solution, and thus allowing us to preserve as much of the trees as possible.

It was after the assessment that we determined a crown lift would be the perfect solution for this project. We removed the scrubby shrubs and self set plants, to create a tidier and more open spaced garden area. You can see from the image below just how much of an impact our crown lifting service in Moulton has had.

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Crown Lifting in Moulton

Crown Lifting in Moulton

Crown lifting is the perfect service for people that want to preserve the character of their trees and garden, whilst letting in more light to their outdoor space.

Crown lifting involves the removal of a tree’s lower branches. This therefore creates a clearer, more open and brighter space, removing any branches that could have been obstructing or overhanging a footpath, driveway or an area where access may be required.

Crown lifting is a service that doesn’t take too long to complete. The amount of time that we need to spend at your home depends on a range of factors. This can include things like how many trees are there and how large those trees may be.

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Crown Lifting Prices in Moulton

How Much Does Crown Lifting Cost?

The costs of crown lifting in Moulton can vary. Depending on the scale of the project and what needs to be done, will determine the price of the project.

As a company, we pride ourseles on our competitive prices. This allows us to work with a range of clients and provide affordable services for all. If you have any questions about our crown lifting prices in Moulton then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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